Help them help you — this survey is worth the energy

Local non-profit organisations Rewiring Aotearoa and Mana Tāhuna are running a survey to better understand our communities’ energy consumption and the impact on energy hardship and power bills in the Queenstown Lakes area.

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Community Story 09 May 2024
  • The energy survey’s 20 multi-choice questions take fewer than five minutes and cover topics such as what energy sources people use to heat their homes and cook, affordability, solar power, and awareness of Warmer Kiwi Homes funding and rental home compliance with Healthy Homes standards.

    Responses to the survey will also help with understanding impacts on living costs and people’s preferences for sustainable energy solutions.

    The survey is supported by Queenstown Lakes District Council. The overall results will be fed back to our Resilience and Climate Action team to help with Council planning and decision making.

    If you’d like to talk in person about energy use and options, Mana Tāhuna also welcome people to get in touch via

    Responses to the survey will be securely managed and analysed by Rewiring Aotearoa and then reported, without personal details, to QLDC.

    Click here to take the survey!

    About Rewiring Aotearoa
    Rewiring Aotearoa is an independent, non-partisan non-profit organisation dedicated to representing New Zealanders in the energy transition. Their mission is to build an electrified future, helping citizens save on energy bills while enhancing community resilience.

    They aim to electrify millions of fossil fuel machines by 2030, promoting environmental sustainability and economic savings. By advocating for community-led action and engaging with all levels of government and industry, they work towards a future powered by New Zealand-generated electricity, reducing the need for fossil fuel imports and supporting a cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable energy system.

    About Mana Tāhuna
    Mana Tahuna is a kaupapa Māori Charitable Trust dedicated to fostering positive systemic change for the community and the environment in Tāhuna.

    Established in 2020, they focus on supporting the whānau to connect, grow, and thrive while preserving and restoring the natural environment. Mana Tāhuna has been actively involved in supporting whānau navigate energy hardship.

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